Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birds In My Tree

In My Tree (wood-block print), originally uploaded by S.britt

“Dear friend, have you found that trouble cuts the cords that tie you to earth? When the Lord takes a child, there is one less cord to fasten you to this world and another band to draw you toward heaven. When money vanishes and business goes wrong, we frequent the prayer meeting, the prayer closet and the Bible. Trials drive us from earth. If all went well, we would begin to say, “Soul, relax”. But when things go amiss, we want to be gone. When the tree shakes, the bird flies away. Happy is the trouble that loosens our grip of earth.”

- From Beside Still Waters by Charles Spurgeon

I read this quote earlier today and it resonated with my soul. I'm still missing my grandma, and the way I have been feeling is beautifully summed up by Spurgeon in this quote. There is indeed one less cord fastening me to this world. And yes, "happy is the trouble that loosens our grip of earth." May He hasten His return...