Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day and other activities

Aunt Celeste, cousin Cody, and little Casper sandwiched in the middle
My brother, Ryan, and cousin, Alex, at graduation
Nine week old Casper, a chihuahua
Left to right: Casper, me, Lillie, Cody, and Cole
With my Aunt Celeste at Monster Mile in Dover, Delaware on race day.
Enjoying the race while rooting for Ashley Judd's husband, Dario Franchitti

At the beach enjoying ice cream
Mmmm, beach fries at Delaware's Rehobeth Beach
"Eat Mor Chikin"-- with my cousin at Newark Nite
Cody follows Jeff Gordon on the race track at the Arcades
Caricature at Newark Nite
My niece and father together on Father's Day
Hamburgers and watermelon for Father's Day
Cody clowning around on the roof-- they can't figure out where that window leads to
1st cousins, once removed
1st cousins, once removed (AKA Imitating Cole)

It has been pretty chaotic around my house lately.  Immediately after returning from my dogsitting adventure in NY, I found myself drafted into a major house cleaning project in preparation for a host of relatives who were about to descend upon us for my brother's college graduation.

They're a loud and rambunctious crew, which, by the way, I am not, so I left our time together feeling a bit worn down.  I enjoyed our gathering, and love my family dearly, but there were times when I just wanted to stick my fingers in my ears to drown out the noise.

I had to leave before the end of their visit in order to make it to NY for a job.  I wanted to leave the night before, but my uncle protested because he wanted to spend every possible moment with me.  They live in Charleston, South Carolina, and we rarely get to see them.  I ended up catching a 4:30am train the morning of the job, and heading straight to work.

On the last day of my job (which was modeling in a showroom-- see my friend Christina's post for pictures of the green jumpsuits we had to wear), I hopped back on the train and returned to Delaware, where I found a 12 year-old boy anxiously awaiting my return.  It was my cousin, Cody, who had decided to stay behind here whilst his family returned to Charleston.

I've had a blast hanging out with him.  We went down to my sister's creepy, creaky farmhouse for a week, and also spent a couple of days at the beach.  He has his Nintendo Wii, and loves to watch movies as well.  Last Saturday, his cousin, my niece, also came to join us, so now I have a 14 year-old to hang out with as well.  They're a hyper lot, but at least they entertain each other so that I am able to get more done on my own.  They both like to spend time at my house (and it's no wonder since the only thing we make them do is attend church with us on Sundays.  Otherwise, they're pretty much free to relax and enjoy summer), and have decided they're moving in.  I'm not so sure about that, but I am happy to have them.

Last night, my brother returned home reeking of alcohol.  He is kind of a mean drunk, so after lambasting me for a while, I decided to head up to bed.  Morgan, my niece, usually sleeps with me when she stays over, so she followed, and we left poor Cody on his own downstairs with my brother.  It wasn't too long after that we found him racing into my room, hiding behind the door, fearful that Ryan was after him.  I told him he could stay, so it ended up being a big sleep over, with elbows and knees and other appendages playing bump in the night.  It wasn't terribly restful, but was quite fun.

Yesterday was Father's Day, so my sister drove up from Laurel, Delaware, and we grilled hamburgers.  It was a beautiful day: we set up a picnic table outside and enjoyed the sunlight and the shade under our Osage Orange Trees.  It was fun family time.

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Christina said...

Wow - it sounds like you have had a full couple of weeks since I left you.
It was so good to see you. Kumar and I miss you, you'll have to takea trip down here in the winter to meet him. We're moving along now. I could not squeeze into a missoni jumpsuit at this point.(I know- so sad.) Check out my new picutes on my blog. We're growing rapidly!
xoxo Christina