Saturday, October 25, 2008

Costumes from the Duchess

I haven't been feeling particularly inspired to write in my blog lately. Not only do I not feel inspired, I feel downright shallow-- like all I have to write about is trivialities. Then, a couple of days ago I took this test that asked, "What is the reading level of your blog?" and the response when computed came out "Junior High." So, not only am I uninspiring with nothing to say, but apparently when I do say it, it's so simple that even a Junior Higher can keep up.

On that note, having accepted that I write for children, I'm going to talk about pretty clothes.

On this rainy New York day, my girlfriends and I went to see the Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes film The Duchess. I loved the costumes and would love to make versions of them that have been modernized for 2008. There are details like bows, and the seams in the back of the dresses, and little bustles that would look beautiful today. Also, if you check out the film's website, costume designer Michael O'Connor's clothes are displayed in a wonderful interactive setting. You can turn the dresses around 360 degrees as well as zoom in on the sumptious details.

The Duchess' "Blue Fox Uniform." I'd love to make a jacket similar to this in dark blue velvet.

A profile view showing the silhouette the bustle creates.

A detail shot showing both the buttons and the ascot which I think would translate beautifully into modern day wear.

The "Victory Dress," I found this frock to be quite darling, but especially love the black velvet ribbon tied around her neck.

A detail shot showing the bustle. I am currently making a jacket with a very similar bustle.

This detail shot is to focus on the use of stripes and how they are oriented different ways to create a style. The matching of stripes is also used as a mark of quality production.

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