Friday, September 11, 2009

Say a Prayer for Me...

I've decided to embrace the rampant Peter Pan-ism that lies within my soul and join my brother and his metal band, Nightfire, in Europe as they do their first European tour. As you can imagine, I am quite excited!

Screen shot 2009-09-11 at 9.17.05 AM

If all goes as planned (as luck would have it, 500 Jet Airways pilots, which is the airline I'm flying, have been on strike the past few days, so I might not be going anywhere), I shall meet my brother and crew in Berlin, Germany tomorrow night.

After the tour, I'll get to spend some much needed time with my very close friends, Matt and Corrie, in Berlin, and then fly from there to Dubai on October 2nd.

If you have a moment, prayers for blessings, safety, and traveling mercies would be much appreciated!


1 comment:

corrie said...

i have no doubt we will be seeing you tomorrow!

love you!!