Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Break-Up

I watched the Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn vehicle, The Break-Up (2006) the other day for lack of anything better to do. It's really not that memorable of a film, but what I keep coming back to is the ending. Spoiler alert ahead... I don't know how the ending went over with audiences, but I really liked that Brooke does not end up with Gary. Now, I imagine most guys would watch the film and see it as a classic example of a girl getting everything she wants, and then being wishy-washy, i.e., that a woman does not know her own mind.

I, however, strongly identified with that character. I've been in relationships where I loved the boy so much, but after giving him umpteen chances to figure it out and come around, I finally get to a place where my heart is completely numb. In the movie, Aniston keeps saying that she wants to get back together with Gary (Vaughn), but she wants him to appreciate her first. Gary, who obviously still has feelings for Brooke (Aniston), has to act like a total jerk before he ever gets a clue. When he finally begins to see the light, after their joint condo is sold, one wonders if he really does ever get it? Does he ever appreciate her for what she is? Perhaps he does, and the ending certainly does suggest a future for the two, but I'm very glad that she has the self-respect to walk out that door and do what she needs to do.

This blog was intended to reference more literature than I have hitherto done. My friend, Tony, emailed me today asking for the recommendation of a good novel, which sounds like a fun challenge. I've read a ton of books, but the tough part lies in finding one that would suit his particular tastes. I've thought for a while that I need to come up with my lists of "must" reads. I wonder how I can list them in the blog? I'm still figuring this stuff out-- how to customize things to my own taste. One day I will hopefully have my own domain, but for now must take these baby steps. So far, I've told one person about my blog, so perhaps I should think about spreading the news. I also need to work some photos in, which I may begin doing retroactively.

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