Monday, May 26, 2008

Things to do in New York

I ended up in New York for a week, dog-sitting for some close friends of mine. It was a fun week, filled with meetings with old friends, one trip to the movies, and over the weekend, my parents came and stayed with me.

The highlight of the week had to have been our evening spent milling about under the Brooklyn Bridge. We enjoyed delicious worth-the-wait Grimaldi's pizza, and admired the picturesque 125 year-old bridge by daylight.

Down on Old Fulton Street, we discovered this telescope thing-y that allows one to communicate with people in London standing under the Tower Bridge. It's absolutely amazing, seemingly straight out of a Victorian novel about a mad-scientist. It is the brain child of artist, Paul St George, and connects in a novel way the cities of New York and London. Stand under the bridge and wave to British passersby, who in turn, wave back or write messages via white board. It has its charm, and is a must-see for anyone visiting New York this time of year (only through June 15th).

We strolled along the Promenade, and made pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge light display that was going on this weekend in honor of its 125th birthday. The bridge would alternate colors, between blues and purple, to yellow and green. Behind it stood the Empire State Building, aglow in patriotic red, white, and blue. To the west was the southern tip of Manhattan-- all which made for picture-perfect snapshots.

I went to see the film, The Fall, which I found to be interesting and quite curious. I had no idea what the film was to be about, having just the recommendation of a friend. It is quite filled with fantasy, but what charmed me most were the main actors and the scenery. The little girl, who I've never seen before (apparently it's her first film), was cute as a button, and quite a scene stealer, but Justine Waddell and Lee Pace are old favorites of mine. Justine starred in the BBC miniseries, Wives and Daughters, as the incomparable Molly Gibson, and Lee Pace was in the Amelie-esque tv series, Pushing Daisies (view episodes online here).

Some of the movie was shot in India, which of course caught my attention. I've traveled there twice, staying for a total of three months, and I have fallen completely in love with that country. Anyone watching the movie will be able to easily see its charm. Seeing Udaipur, the city known for its Palace on the Lake, and Jodhpur, also known at the Blue City, with its giant fort overlooking the "cubist" city below, immediately called forth pleasant memories. Just as I want to share Santorini, Greece with my friends, so do I desire them to witness the beauty and mystery of India. This movie is a great place to start, and anyone with eyes to see will feel a desire to travel to that magnificent country.

Also, before I sign off, I have to post a link to this pamphlet I found on another blog. The author made this pamphlet (hand-drawn and lettered-- click on link within blog for individual pamphlets) for a girl who was moving to the city with a cat and dog in tow. He illustrates for the incoming pets what to expect in the city-- from poop-scooping to apartment living. It's really cute, and smart, and funny-- the perfect intro for any new pet in the city.

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