Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Lambs and the Lions Playing

I saw this video on the Today Show this morning and it touched me so much that it made me cry.  It's quite short and worth the two minutes or so it takes to watch it.  First the video, then my commentary.  Without further adieu, meet Christian the Lion:

After watching this video, I had to wonder why it is that this video, in all of its preciousness, caused me to cry.  It wasn't a sobbing cry, but neither was it tears of joy.  My own answer to this is that depicted in that video is something my soul longs to see; it is what we were created for.  The Bible talks about the lambs and the lions playing together, and here is a visual representation of just that.  It's a beautiful moment, and one that I look forward to seeing myself one day.  It's how God intended it to be before The Fall juxtaposed and inverted the natural relationships of this world. 


Anonymous said...

so who did you get back in touch with?

bukirama said...

I saw this video yesterday too and was bawling my eyes out. He's just so happy to see them, it's the sweetest thing I have ever seen. And, of course, the lion remonds me of Chewy!
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Hope you are doing well!

elventryst said...

Did you see the other video I had posted a few days back? It's also pretty amazing:

It's this guy Matt dancing around the world-- I love it!