Monday, July 28, 2008

Why HELLO there, handsome!

My father and I flew out of the Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday afternoon, landing in Columbia, South Carolina that evening.  We stayed with my Aunt Helen and her sister, my grandmother, and on Saturday, a group of us drove down to Oak Park, Georgia for a Griffin/Warren/Cannady family reunion.  "Bubbahead" Joe made the BBQ with his famous BBQ sauce, and everyone else contributed to the potluck with superb southern cooking.

I'm a bit of a genealogy freak, sometimes spending five or more hours a day researching my family history, so meeting all of these long-lost (to me) relatives proved to be quite a treat.  I now have a bit more conception of my family, especially as my great-grandmother Warren had something like nine siblings.  We also found proof that we're Irish!  Funnily enough, I've always wanted to be Irish, having romanticized them so.  Now, we'll have to take a trip to see those rolling, emerald green hills, and crumbling castles.  Maybe I'll even stumble upon a Leprechaun.

Moreover, stashed in my great aunt's collection of papers was a completed application to be a Daughter of the American Revolution.  Someone else has already done the work, so now all I need to do it update it and apply.  Now, all I need to do is find the paperwork to be a Daughter of the Confederacy-- here I'm showing my southern roots:)

Here for your viewing pleasure are a couple of old photos I uncovered over the weekend.  The first gentleman, Ned Cannady, is quite the looker and is the reference in my post's title.  Sigh.  Were he not long dead, nor a relative, I might have looked him up and said hello:) The other pictures are also of relatives, but are singled out because I like the way they look, either their style or their clothing (Yes, I'm making a distinction between the two.)  One of the things I really enjoyed was looking at their mode of dress in these old photos.  Do enjoy.

This girl looks like someone I'd be friends with (she's my great great aunt, btw).


AD said...

way to dig up insights on roots

elventryst said...

Hmmm... traveling to Georgia for family reunions, spending countless hours in libraries looking at microfiche, and developing crushes on long-dead relative. I think you could say I have it bad.