Monday, August 18, 2008

Away from my desk

I haven't been able to post these fast few days, as initially I was uninspired, and more recently I've been just plain busy.  I made some rather of note plans: I'm going to Los Angeles for the month of September.  It was an impromptu decision based on an opportunity arising (my best friend's sister needed someone to sublet her apartment) and the realization that I wouldn't likely have such a chance again.  My hope is that I shall be able to find a modeling agency while out there and procure a little work.  At the very least, I hope to catch up with some old friends, spend a little time at the beach soaking up those California rays, and rest on my laurels with out too much interruption (surprisingly to some, I do quite look forward to not knowing many people where I'm going.  I would love some "me" time-- and am thinking of getting a sewing machine when I get there so that I can sew in my new-found me time).

I spent a few days sorting the particulars out about LA, and then I turned around and came to New York City for a job.  I had a fitting on Friday, with a job on Tuesday, and, as always, it seems that every possible second is filled with trying to catch up with people.  Of course I do a miserable job, and inevitably leave knowing that I missed out on a few people.

This Wednesday, I will fly out early morning on US Airways to Augusta, Georgia (my birth place), where I will meet up with my parents who are currently in South Carolina.  Carolina is where I'm originally from and all of my family (with the exception of my immediate family) still live there.  I should already be there, but this job is keeping me here.

I can't write much today, although I am taking pictures to hopefully share in a future entry.  Tomorrow will be another full day, and then I work and fly out, so it shall most likely be a few days before I post again.

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