Monday, September 22, 2008


Last Saturday night, after returning home from several days of camping, I dyed me hair back to its natural shade of brown. In a similar vein, I have decided to give my blog a new makeover. I found a fun little website at with all kinds of, yes, cute backgrounds from which to choose.

I've been a bit of a busy bee of late-- immensely enjoying Los Angeles and all she has to offer. I've visited a couple of cemeteries (see my blog entry on my love of cemeteries), been to two films which were screened outside (one of which was in the aforementioned cemetery and another at a drive-in). I've been to beaches spanning up and down the coastline, had one mini-surf lesson, enjoyed the glow of a camp fire. It's enough excitement to make a girl walk away from blogging forever if simply because she has better things to do. Moreover, my poor camera suffered the fate of many a camera taken to the beach: the shutter has become lodged with sand and will no longer open.

For the time being, you're stuck with my mutterings.

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