Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Little Corner of the World

The view as seen from my kitchen-- out past the living room.  That's the Atlantic Ocean, and on the left is the new stadium that was built for the World Cup.

I have landed in southernmost Africa-- Cape Town, South Africa!  I feel as if I am in colonial times-- how romantic it is to picture explorers sailing around the Cape of Good Hope!  It is extraordinarily beautiful here, with vistas to rival the prettiest places I've seen.  I haven't even ventured far from my apartment here in Greenpoint, but I am already convinced that this place lives up to all descriptions of being a veritable Garden of Eden.  I can't wait to see more!

This is Table Mountain which on a clear day looks flat on top.  They call the cloud cover the tablecloth, and it is beautiful to behold as the clouds seemingly roll and drip over edge of the mountain.

But, oh, my poor neglected blog!  It seems that every time I get on a roll, something comes along to thwart my blogging.  It has happened no less than twice that my hard drive has failed (first in Miami in January of last year, and again in Istanbul in June).  Both times I was left without contact with the outside world, and as fate would have it, those were precisely the moments would it would have been nice to be in contact with friends and family.

My computer has NOT been afflicted in such a way this time, however, this "colonial" town seems to be lacking in that which most modern cities possess: internet!  To be sure, it is available, but not in my apartment, and I must trek daily to the internet cafe to get my news.  I am thankful that I do have that option, but it does mean that blogging (and especially posting pictures) is much more difficult.

My bed!  That's the day I moved in, so it's a bit cluttered-- but those who know me know that it often looks like that!  I share the room with one other girl.

My life here seems to move at a different pace.  Also in keeping with my colonial theme, I arise with the dawn, and sleep with the setting sun.  The reason for this night owl to adopt such a pattern is that the area I live in is decidedly unsafe.  Even in broad daylight, I feel "sharks" circling, looking for prey (yesterday as my roommate and I waited on the corner for our driver to pick us up, one man walked around us no less than ten times.  He would cross the street, then turn and walk back towards us, circle, and repeat), and as the late afternoon sun begins to dip below the horizon, I know it is time that I head home.  I have a self-imposed curfew of about 7pm, and from that time on, my roommates and I stay in until the next morning.

The view from my balcony.

Confined to an apartment without internet isn't all bad (or least, that's what I keep telling myself!)  I've started a plan to read the Bible through in one year, and the free time allows me to stay up on my reading.  My roommates and I watch a movie every night, and then we head to bed around 10:00pm.  I'm also determined to use my time to read more books, and to write letters to friends, which is something I enjoy doing.

I am quickly learning that Cape Town is a small town.  I've been here for less than a week, and already have "bumped" into five or six people that I know from before.

And, although I am a bit nervous to carry my laptop around (my roommate, Eleni, was mugged last week for her cell phone), I will endeavor to take it to the cafe once a week so that I can post pictures to my blog and keep you updated.



Inspired Kara said...

Beautiful! I'm doing a similar reading plan. It's a lot of work!!

a.e. nee said...

what a marvelous adventure you are on my dear! Thanks you for giving us a glimpse :)

Tim said...

Ah, you world traveler. How long are you in SA?

Anonymous said...

Always nice to see and read a little on home-away from home--but I think you could brave the night time in Cape town--its really not that bad. Maybe that guy circling you just found you beautiful.

elventryst said...

I'm not sure how long I'll be in South Africa-- my return trip to Dubai is booked for the beginning of April. But, depending on how work goes, or rather, if it doesn't go, I may be out of here sooner.

I think I will get a bit braver as I get used to this place-- also as I make friends with people with cars:) It's funny, I lived in a sketch neighborhood in Brooklyn for years-- you think I'd be used to feeling like this!