Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ballet Flats

Olivier Theyskens' Theory

I desperately need new flats.  My standby for years were a pair of M.I.A flats that I replaced twice.  I'd just order a new pair of those except that the last pair that I got must have been made in a different factory since the leather was different (cheaper with none of the buttery softness that I had come to love in the previous pairs).

The ballet flats above are velvet (I seem to be on a kick!) and lovely.  They're part of Olivier Theysken's new collection for Theory.  They also come in black and in blue but at $325 are out of my budget.

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bukirama said...

I'm in the same boat since my dog chewed up one of my favorite brown suede ballet flats. I still haven't found an exact replica but JCrew has some pretty ones.