Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Things at the Same Time

I don't really seem to be able to handle doing two things at the same time.  To wit, I've been posting semi-frequently on a different blog, The Great Vintage Sewalong of 2011, and have dropped off the face of the earth here at Dum Spiro Spero.

Here's what I've been busy working on:

Isn't it cute?  The dress is from 1941.  I'm making it out of a deep pink velvet.  And I'm hoping to have it completed by Valentine's Day.

I've sewn it up in muslin once, made some alterations, and sewed up the bodice part again in muslin.  This is how it looks:

I'm happy with my progress, so I'm ready to cut it out in the fashion fabric and to proceed.

It's a vintage dress party over at the other blog.  Do stop by and check out all the fun garments people are making!

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