Saturday, January 15, 2011

Help Make a Little Boy's Wish Come True

One of the blogs that I regularly read {Bits of Beauty} wrote the sweetest post the other day.  Jenn's son's birthday is coming up very soon (he will be 8!), and instead of asking for presents, he has asked that money be donated to Charity: Water in his name.  Click here to be redirected to the Charity: Water site where you can donate $8 for Aidan's 8th birthday!

Jennifer Connelly in charity: water Public Service Announcement from charity: water on Vimeo.
Are you familiar with Charity: Water?  It's a charity that builds wells so that people in developing countries can have access to clean water.

Did you know:
  • RIGHT NOW almost 1 Billion people on the planet do not have access to clean, safe drinking water.
  • Unsafe water and lack of sanitation cause 80% of diseases.
  • More people die each year from unsafe water and lack of sanitation than from all forms of violence (including war).
  • a $20 donation can give 1 person clean water for 20 years.
  • 100% of what you donate goes directly to fund water projects in developing countries.
Aidan is hoping to raise $800, which would give clean water to 40 people.

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Ms. Jenn said...

Thanks a million times over for sharing my son's story!