Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Took Forever

I know all of you fellow seamstresses out there feel my pain.  Anyone who sews, knits, embroiders, or indeed, any sort of handiwork knows that these projects take A.Lot.Of.Time.  Right?  And yet, friends* (and strangers) constantly prevail upon us to make them something or to help with their projects.  Or even worse, thankless friends* fail to appreciate the work that we put into our homemade gifts.  Knitters speak ominously of the "Sweater Curse, " (see Never Knit Your Man a Sweater Unless You've Got the Ring) and the Selfish Seamstress boldly proclaims, "... I only want to sew stuff if it's for me."  You get my point.

These labels, sold by Sublime Stitching, do a great job of conveying, "Yes, I made this.  Yep, I worked really hard on it!"  Perfect for all of your projects, no?


*I should note that I don't make things for my friends very often (I guess I'm a bit of a selfish seamstress, too), but when I do, they do tend to be very grateful.


rachael said...

i have fallen victim to the sweater curse. and i understand this all too well ;) awesome tags!

Valerie said...

I love the idea of the tags. I need one for the coat I'm currently making. Re sewing for others - just say no before they even complete the sentence .. (caught too many times can't you tell)