Friday, February 24, 2012

5 Things I'm Grateful For Friday

1. Upcoming trip!  I'm flying out tomorrow to Los Angelas where I get to see my two best friends, Matt and Corrie.  I get to meet my Godson for the first time!  I also get to meet up with Miss Sunday-- my Australian roommate from my stint in Dubai-- and whom I haven't seen since January 2008.  And, I get to see Sierra (that's Sierra at right in the Prada campaign from 2000) and her husband Gabe and their sweet boy.  Yay for old friends! I am so grateful that I have the time and money to get out to California to see all of the people.

2. More modeling work!  Yesterday I completed my training at QVC to model in their fashion lines.  Now I have my own security badge and it looks like work will be picking up for me there.  I've scaled back my hours doing ESL at the University, but don't plan to give it up completely as I find it so rewarding.  I am excited to be doing more in what I consider my career! 

3. New friends!  I've been getting super involved with the Ron Paul for President campaign here in Delaware.  The past few weekends have been spent canvassing neighborhoods collecting signatures to get Dr. Paul on the primary ballot here.  It's good to be passionate about something-- in my case, the cause of Liberty-- and I've already met some amazing people.  I find that I enjoy politics, and think the only way we can make a difference is to get involved.  Maybe I'll even run for office one day! (And we found out yesterday that he will indeed be on the ballot in April!)

4. Beautiful sunny days!  It seems silly, but I'm often thankful for the weather.  I walk to and from work each day (about four miles roundtrip) and am immensely blessed to be out in nature.  I love the sunset, and the birds flying overhead, and the crisp, cool air.  I see God in it all and I am blessed.  I do enjoy the cooler weather, but the few days of sun we've had lately have been wonderful.

5. My Health!  After two colds in January, a mammogram this month to check out some lumps, I'm happy to report that I'm healthy.  I'm also mentally healthy and in a good place these days.  I'm thankful that I have the energy to get to the gym, that I have two good legs which enable me to walk to work.  I'm thankful for my counselor that I see who helps me process and work through things.  I'm taking care of me and I love it.

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