Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Missing Friends

I am the ultimate procrastinator.  I should be working on my taxes-- they were due in April, but I filed an extension and now they are due on Monday, October 15th-- six days hence.  I meet with my accountant in two days' time and I am in no way ready for that meeting, although I feel sure I'll get it all done in time (just 'cause I always do, or rather because I will get it done, or I won't, but it'll all work out in the end as it always does).

ANYWAY, the purpose of this post is to, um, post this picture:


That's Kelli and Alex, two women whom I absolutely admire and adore.  The picture is from this past summer when I went to NYC to help Kelli celebrate her impending marriage.  I probably have multiple pictures like this from our years of friendship-- these girls have been important to me for a long time.

I suppose that this post might seem silly, as you in the blogosphere can't possibly care about the ho-hum details of my life, but I have long maintained that the primary purpose of my blog is that it should be a repository of me.  It's here to help me remember, to document.  And with that in mind, on this day, I spent the day in New York with the man that I love.  Following that, I met these girls for dinner at an amazing restaurant and afterwards we made our way to some exclusive hotel which we weren't sure would let us in the door.  We did get in, and sat on the roof as the girls (there were more of us) smoked cigars, and we drank beer.  I felt honored to be included in Kelli's inner circle since I've had what only can be described as a girl crush on her since the moment that we met back in 2003.  These two girls represent so much to me-- they inspire me with their creativity and brillance, they're both incredibly hospitable and loving, and they're sisters of the blood- united by one spirit, that is, my sisters in Christ.  I am blessed to call them sisters and to call them friends.  I love them and miss them immensely.

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