Wednesday, October 24, 2012

QVC for Breast Cancer Research and Education

I haven't mentioned this here on my blog, but this past summer I had a breast cancer scare.  It started when I found a lump through a self exam and the follow-up mammogram and ultrasound showed some abnormalities (the most significant being microcalcifications which are harbingers of inflammation).  In April, I had three cysts aspirated, and the test results came back as negative for cancer.  Then, in a six-month follow up mammogram and ultrasound, we found more clustering of the microcalcifications, which raised red flags for the radiologist (my classification was raised from 3 to 4B, which meant that originally they classified my results as suspicious and then upgraded it to moderate risk of breast cancer).  I ended up having a biopsy, and after a harrowing couple of days, my pathogen report came back as negative.  Praise the Lord!

Lots of women go through this stuff, but my doctor took it very seriously since both my mother and grandmother had breast cancer.  I'm to continue with my self exams and I head back in a year for a follow-up mammogram, which I will most likely have yearly for the rest of my life.  Fun, right?  But with breast cancer being the 2nd leading cause of death for women in the United States, we have to remain vigilant.

All of the above is a prelude to this (which I am so proud to be a part of!):

Tonight, from 5pm-8pm EST, I will be on QVC for the 19th Annual QVC Presents FFANY Shoes on Sale.  QVC and the Fashion Footware Association of NY have partnered together to raise money and support for breast cancer research and education.  There will be over 90,000 shoes on sale for half of the manufacturer's suggested retail value, and net proceeds will be donated for research.  Yay!

So, tune in tonight, buy shoes, and most importantly, visit your doctor to find out what you need to do to stay healthy!

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