Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drive by Posting

I've had a very serious mishap since my last posting... You see, I was trying to make my bed (something I NEVER do) for the anticipated arrival of a new roommate in my studio-sized model's apartment, when I tripped over the cord of my Apple iBook G4, and well, the whole thing came crashing to the floor.

Amazingly enough, it seemed relatively unscathed: the only discernible problem was that my airport (wireless) had stopped working.  That wasn't a huge deal, as I had an ethernet cable in my laptop and was able to still connect to the internet.  I figured I'd knocked the wireless card loose, and all I needed to do was re-seat it, which is pretty simple, except I couldn't figure out where my airport card is located.  For future reference, in these models, it is located under the keyboard.  Who knew?

So, I took it to the Apple store, where they "fixed" my problem, but then diagnosed my poor computer with a whole host of other problems such as not having enough memory, and possibly having a failing logic board.  And, when I left the Apple store, my computer wouldn't start anymore.  It's as if all those terrible things they said about my computer was true.  So, I came to the Apple store with a simple problem (wireless not working) and left with a very serious problem (it not turning on at all.)  I have no idea what they did to it!

Now I am alone in Miami, without a computer:(  I'll probably be taking so time off from this blog, as my only source of internet is, ironically enough, the Apple Store.  I've been making daily stops here to check my email and whatnot, but I won't be able to upload pictures of the amazing Miami sunsets, or my modeling escapades in this city.  I have another date with the Apple store on Friday night-- I'll let you know how that goes.


Ad Tys said...

if it's still busted when you return to NY you know where to bring it

elventryst said...

Thanks-- I do wish we had Tek Serve down here. I'm hopefully ordering memory for my computer this week-- maybe that'll fix things?