Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best. Job. Ever.

The Burj Al Arab in Jumeriah, Dubai

It has been a busy few weeks for me as I have been settling down in Dubai. The challenge for me seems to lie in allocating my time, what with work (I've been busy!), and lots of social engagements to keep me out every night. I'm happy to say that I've squeezed in lots of beach and pool time (yes, it is NICE, but I also am trying to swim several times a week so that I get in shape).

I don't do such a great job at saying, "No." Since I've been here, I've dined at the fancy-schmancy Cavalli Club, danced at 400 (a nightclub), discoed it up at a 70s theme party, attended a fashion show... the list goes on and on. I daresay there really is something to fill every night of the week, should I want it.

Work has been pretty good as well, although the rates have definitely dropped since I was last here in 2007, and generally there seems to be less jobs. But, it's a recession, right? I should just thankful I am working at all!

(As always, Click on the picture to enlarge!)
Outtakes from my job shooting at the Burj Al Arab.

Last week I got to do what could possibly qualify as my favorite job ever. I was shooting in the super exclusive Burj Al Arab, which is the world's only seven star hotel. The shoot was actually for the Burj (hopefully the pictures will appear on their website soon), and it afforded me an inside look at the hotel. We shot in the spa, by the pool, in the Royal Suite (which I think I heard goes for $40,000/night), on the helicopter pad, and a myriad of other spots. I can't reveal any of the official photos, but above is a collage I made of the two days of shooting.

So, why was it such a great job? Primarily, I must say it is because I really enjoyed the team, which ranges from the client that booked me, to the photographer, the makeup artist, the stylist, and the producer... I even got to have a "husband" for the job-- a cutie-pie male model from Switzerland. It's always fun when I get to work with another model (male or female) as they bring energy to the shoot. I was treated like a queen for two days, wish all of my shoots could go so well.

And, since budgets are compromised during this time of recession, part of the job was done for "trade," meaning I trade my services for theirs. The trade I got for my time is a one night stay at the Burj. I think that's pretty special, although I probably won't end up using it on myself. I feel blessed to have gotten to spend the time I did in the Burj, and am eager to share that with someone else... Now if only I could figure out who?

I'm curious, WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH A ONE NIGHT'S STAY at the Burj Al Arab?



Jay said...

The answer to your question is easy: what I would do with the one-night stay is auction it.

Not for my own personal gain, of course, but instead to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support -- either towards a fundraising target for a challenge of my own, or just on its own.

And off-topic, the photos look fantastic -- your title is no word of an exaggeration.

Angel with horns... said...

Huuh, baby I´m so glad for you!
And the job, that you didi, sounds really really dream job... I had kind of the same, with Leandre,back in summer at Antalya...

Miss you a lot and wish you all the best!

Little Sigrid:)