Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tom Ford Store Opening

I thought this was fun-- a bunch of cool tutorials for Photoshop.  I found this one that teaches you how to make your picture look like a comic strip, and immediately decided to try it out on one of my recent photos.  I can't say it's perfect (I need to play around with it some more, and I am working in Photoshop Elements which lacks some of the tools of Photoshop), but I still think the effect is quite fun.


Last week I worked the opening of the new Tom Ford store at the Dubai Mall.  I had a wonderful time, and the male models were such cuties, dressed in their Tom Ford smoking jackets, with their hair slicked over.  It was definitely a retro look.

I've been busy, and hopefully I will get around to posting some more pictures soon (I tend to do better with this when I'm not spending ages playing around with them in Photoshop!).  I'm having such a great time in Dubai-- there seems to always be something going on.  Tomorrow I'm doing an overnight camping trip in the desert, and next weekend I head to Muskat, Oman for two days to do a fashion show.

I hope you have a wonderful week!  See you all soon!


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0cool said...

nice... i'l be in dubai this summer, i'll defenitly check the store out! Are there any exclusives to the store?