Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vintage Berlin

White Lace Dress

Thanks so much for all the comment love I got on my last post-- you guys are so lovely! It's so nice to get positive feedback every now and again:) It's also nice to know that there are people out there who actually read what I write!

I know I posted about Berlin last time, but I'm not quite finished yet. I promise after this post, I'll stop living in the past and will write about what's going on in my current town, Dubai.

I'm a big fan of the "outfit post," although I haven't quite gotten the hang of it quite yet (see Liebemarlene, Strawberry Koi, Some Girls Wander..., Clever Nettle, Sally Jane Vintage, Casey's Elegant Musings, etc. for better examples). These girls have mastered the art of romantic settings (think train tracks, moss-covered trees, cemeteries, historic mansions), the lens flare, soft lighting... Truth be told, even if I could learn these techniques, I'm not usually wearing outfits that are really deserving of their own outfit post. I'm usually living out of a suitcase, which means my outfit/accessory/shoes choices are VERY limited.

Vintage Dress in Berlin
Dress - Vintage, found in a Berlin vintage shop
Cardigan - borrowed from Corrie's closet
Tights - Hue
Boots - Madden Girl, bought at DSW last year
Scarf - (not pictured because it blew off in transit and is forever lost) Corrie's, CNC

I absolutely fell in love with the shops in Berlin. We got around on bicycle (something new to this American girl-- don't try that in our cities, unless you have a death wish!), which meant I had ample time to check out little shops-- and pull over and stop when time allowed! They have a plethora of shops just stocked to the brim with vintage dresses and shoes and what-not. I was in hog heaven, and without the prohibitive price tags, lack of suitcase space, and the flagging US dollar, I might have gone overboard!

Alas, I allowed myself only one item... and that was the creamy lace dress seen above (better picture at the top!). I had been looking for just such a dress for a while, and had even seen contenders at Modcloth and Ruche, but I'm glad I waited as this one is one-of-a-kind (it even appears to be homemade!). There was also something about wearing a dress while riding a bike that made me feel super cute:)

Elise and Corrie in the photobooth
A parting picture of me and Corrie in the local neighborhood photobooth (seriously, it's on the corner outside Corrie's apartment-- shouldn't all neighborhoods have photobooths?!?) goofing off.

Okay, next time I'll tell you a little bit about life in Dubai. Promise.



Jay said...

I really like the first photo of you and the dress, there's something about the lighting in it? If posts like this are what make an outfit post, I dig it.

Also, on the bicycle -- I think it needs to be brought back. Edward Abbey, I remember, advocated a bicycle-only policy for national parks because you can't see anything from the car, maybe we should do the same for cities. Bicycles are too focused on sport these days, we need a focus on comfort and style to bring them back!

Finally, photo booths -- you rarely see photo booth shots like yours any more. They all appear to be digital giving you 5 attempts or something to get it right, and just repeating the one shot over and over.

There's a romance lost.

Corrine said...

still miss you... and i never get bored reading about Berlin and how truly awesome it is!!

Inspired Kara said...

Um, excuse me? Did you happen to say there is just a photo booth hangin out on the corner? Heaven. Heaven I tell you. Those pics are all sorts of adorableness.

And, of course, love the the bike + dress. Can't wait to see what's going on in Dubai.

<3 Kara

Carla said...

Wow loving that dress. Beautiful photographs!

I just read your comment and had to reply back asap! Haha. You're definitely not one of the readers who drove me away. What I meant was that the people I knew personally (family friends, my friends, parent's friends, etc.) were starting to know about my blog and I didn't want them to! I wanted only people I DIDN'T know personally to read my personal thoughts. I felt more comfortable if it were only strangers or "online" friends that were reading my blog. Just because I didn't know them in person. So sorry for any confusion!
Much Love,