Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sometimes I Wish...

Sometimes I wish that I had the life of my alter ego... (she seems to have all the fun!)


She looks so happy and lucky in love. He's kind of cute, too.

Of course, if I couldn't have that, I'd settle for a random superhero power-- hands that heal, anyone? Or maybe they just emit a strange light? Okay, well that would be weird.


I know… Maybe I could just turn into a vampire? What do we think?



*These are all pictures of me, by the way, taken during happier times when I was working. Can't say that I've been doing much of that lately!


TD-2243 said...

Are you really drawn to cowboys like in the alternate universe you have?

bukirama said...

So fun! I wish I had some of the book covers that I did years ago.
The vampire one is awesome!

Nigel said...

Elise's Pieces,

Sometimes We wish....you would move back to Dubai for more Narara Extravaganzas!

Don't waiver, for He has a plan for you!...His timing is always best...

We miss ya!

Lots of Love...Nigel & Kristen