Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mad about Missoni

A silence hung heavily in the air.  The shelves, once stocked full, were bare as a post-menopausal woman's womb.  What remained behind were odds and ends strewn across the floor and hung sloppily on racks.
Empty shelves at Target

Apocalyptic vision?  Nope, I'm talking about the aftermath that followed the Missoni for Target launch.

Years ago, when I lived in New York, I worked for Missoni.  Twice a year for a week at a time, I was booked to model in the showroom in their store on Madison Avenue.  What that meant for me was that I got to try on every sample in each season's collection-- from shoes and stockings to scarves, accessories, dresses and more.  Those crazy stripes really worked their way into my subconscious, but I was never able to afford anything.

Enter the Missoni for Target line.  I thought my dream of owning Missoni was about to come true, but alas, it was not to be.  By the time I got there yesterday evening after work, the only Missoni items left were children's clothes, and a lone pair of heels (in my size!).  The good news (I'm trying to look on the bright side) is that I did not go crazy spending tons of money on everything Missoni.  And, I wasn't put in a position where I had to choose what to take home with me and what to leave in the store.  It's okay.  Really.  Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

If only I were a 7-year-old girl, this skirt would fit me.

But wait... what's this?  Is that more Missoni I spy?  At Forever 21?  Huh?  Is there a Missoni for Forever 21 collection?  Hmmm... this is curious...

Missoni for Forever 21?

Don't be fooled, ladies!  Yes, that looks like Missoni, but it's not the real deal.  Tricky, tricky Forever 21!

In related news, do think that's a Missoni for Target shirt that Charlie is wearing?  Lucky fellow... I wonder what time he had to get in line in order to get that shirt?

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