Monday, December 5, 2011

How to Make a Snowflake

Every winter I do a snowflake post.  I loved making snowflakes as a child.  I even remember that the way I met my sixth grade best-friend-to-be was by gifting her a snowflake with silhouettes of bears carefully cut into it (she loved bears!).  And, believe it or not, the keyword that brings the most views to this blog is "how to make a snowflake."  Strange, right?

I guess it wouldn't be December if I didn't do at least one snowflake-inspired post.  For those of you who want to refine your craft, check out this how-to from  Below are two snowflakes that the author created; one is a seahorse and the other is love themed.


Once you've gotten the hang of things, surf on over to these posts (here and here) to see some snowflake crafts.

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Valerie said...

So pretty! Thank you.