Monday, December 8, 2008

Snowflake Inspired

American Wilson Alwyn Bentley (How cool is that middle name?) was the first person to photograph snowflakes. He developed a process where he could catch snowflakes on black velvet and photograph them before they could melt. He took his first picture of a snowflake in 1885, and over his lifetime would take over 5000 more. His photographs are incredibly beautiful, marrying science and art. Bentley was also the first to suggest that there are no two snowflakes alike, however others have since argued that this is not true.

Some of Bentley's collection of photographs

I found this great website, Make-a-Flake, that allows you to virtually make a paper snowflake like you did when you were a kid. They fold the paper for you, give you a pair of scissors, and away you go. It's fun-- you should definitely try it!

My creation at Make-a-Flake. Make your own snowflakes at this site.

maya*made posts a tutorial on how to make really beautiful snowflake garlands here. They're lightweight, which allows them to blow and twist with the breeze, giving them an ethereal quality. I might just have to make some so that I can holiday-ify my room here in Brooklyn.

maya*made's newspaper snowflakes are delicate and beautiful. Click here for her tutorial.

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