Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another Fashionable Girl

I found another blogger who shares their sartorial proclivities with the greater blogosphere: Childhood Flames. I am very impressed with Miss Camille: she's a fifteen year old girl living in Portland, Oregon who seems to be obsessed with fashion. Armed with her handy sewing machine, and a good camera, she whips up essential pieces and posts them for the world to see. Her style runs more modern/minimalist than the other girls I posted, but I just love the way that she puts things together. And, as she isn't even trained in fashion design or sewing, I am even more blown away. (I just read today that she is homeschooled, skipped high school, and is taking college classes-- did I mention she's only fifteen!?! This girl is the real deal!)

Here are her recent fashions:

After seeing this creation of hers (the harem pants):

I want to buy these:
Maje Energie Harem Pants
available here


cheeky monkey said...

WOW! Only 15.

I love her style!

Audrey said...

thank you for following my blog.:) you have great style! Happy 2009!

audrey anne