Monday, December 22, 2008

This was the week when...

Here is what I've been up to (and why I've been too busy to post):

I think some of you know that I make my living as a
model. Every once in a while, we do these photo shoots called a "Test." I guess it's called that because it is sort of a test shoot-- i.e., usually no one is getting paid, and the model, stylist, makeup artist, and photographer all volunteer their services to try and make something beautiful. It differs from a "job" in that the shoot is not done for a particular client, but instead for the portfolios of all who are involved in the shoot. Now, my portfolio, or "book," as it is often called in the industry, could use some sprucing up. I took this year off and moved in with my parents, which means the newest pictures I have in my book come from when I was living in Dubai a year ago. It's time for something new. Today I shot with photographer Joseph Paradiso, whose work is beautiful. It'll take him some time to edit and retouch the photos, but I'll post them as soon as I have them.

I worked at a sample sale for a few days this week. I won't go into detail to explain what a sample sale is exactly, but suffice it to say that I pretty much worked retail. I was a salesperson for expensive handbags, but when I was not working too hard, I tried on some of the clothes in the showroom. Here are two versions of the same jacket. I liked them because they go with the whole 1920s theme that I've been into lately, although they might be a little hard to pull off in real life.

(Clockwise from top left) The business card for Charity:Water, my friend Morgan and I scrub Jerry cans (used for transporting water) in the office, a baby bottle filled with dirty water that is typical of the water people in developing nations drink, and finally, the night of the event with acquaintance, Jason Rogers, Olympic silver medalist

Last Monday was the Charity: Water Ball. Charity: Water is an organization that I've been volunteering with off and on for the past three years. The organization raises money to build wells in Africa and other developing countries in order to provide clean water for people living there. Prior to the ball, I spent some time at the offices helping get ready for the big event. The gala was a success with more than 1,200 guests and $450,000 being raised for wells. To learn more or find out how you can help go here.

BFF Corrie and I got into the spirit of things by decorating our respective apartments for Christmas. We did it as a surprise to our boys-- she for her husband, Matt, and mine for my roommate, Tim, who, incidentally, happens to be Matt's little brother. We strung up glass ornaments, garlands, and decorated two trees. And, of course, I cut out snowflakes! It was two afternoons well spent.

So, you see, I haven't had much time for blogging, although I've been having a blast in New York City. I head home Wednesday to Delaware for Christmas and then back to New York for New Year's Eve. I also have three upcoming trips planned for Puerto Rico, Florida, and Colorado. I'll definitely keep you posted!

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