Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Sunday Outfit

Every Sunday morning that I am in Delaware, I arise early to accompany my parents to church. Some Sundays it's all I can do to get out of bed, but on others, I wake up fresh and eager. It is also an occasion to get dressed up-- something I relish doing.

I am also fond of blogs where girls chronicle the clothes they wear.

Clever Nettle takes pictures of her outfits and thrifting finds, and even sells in her store some of the clothes that are pictured.

Some Girls Wander also likes to blog about her charming outfits.

Lost in the Forest also posts beautiful photos of herself in various clothes. She sells some of the items in her store as well.

The lovely Finnish lady who writes Only Shallow posts pictures of herself modeling impossibly cute clothes. She also keeps another blog that chronicles, yes, clothes she sells in her store. This chick has GREAT style!

Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage takes pictures of herself in order to merchandise it for her eBay store.
All of the ladies inspire me to be bold with my own clothing choices. So, while I don't have a store, nor the inspiration or inclination to create a total composition, this is my own humble effort. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I wore to church this morning:
Dress: Vintage
Sweater: J. Crew Winter 2008
Tights: Leg Avenue
Shoes: MIA Fall 2008


esigward said...

You always look great. The dress photo gives a shot of your height. Have you ever seen Dare Wright's works, the Lonely Doll series, where she poses dolls for her stories? I read her biography, which was painfully miserable. She lived on the Upper East Side. Ugh, so much misery for simple mankind. Thanks for your blogs.

elventryst said...

Thanks for the comments, Eric-- and for reading, too! I haven't seen the lonely doll series, but I'm sure I'd like it.

esigward said...

Check out for the series. You can get a whiff of what she did. The biography is a bit morbid at the end, but it is some kind of warning about an isolated life.