Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1920s Fashion

Stills from the BBC series, The House of Eliott

I mentioned in a prior post that I've really enjoyed watching the BBC series, The House of Eliott, on Netflix. It is set in the 1920s, and is about two sisters, Evangeline and Beatrice Eliott, who start a fashion house in London. The series ran from 1991-1993 and is a real treat to watch.

One of my favorite things about the show is the fashion it features. The two sisters are a stylish pair, and that's not even mentioning the styles that they create as fashion designers. I love the drop waist dresses, strings of pearls, cloche hats, and dangling earrings.

I've started collecting jewelry and other clothing items that I think look 1920s. Marcasite is a popular mineral used in the production of vintage looking pieces. It is actually a form of Pyrite, or Fool's Gold, and was popular during the Victorian period, but regaining popularity again in the 1920s. They also wore a fair amount of pearls, and the earrings dangled a bit. This fit in perfectly with the bobbed hair styles of the day, and the snug-fitting cloche hats.

My collection of 1920s style earrings and watch

A picture of me sporting a recent purchase-- a red headband that I think resembles a cloche hat.


emme said...

What a lovely collection of jewelry!

I just stumbled across your blog via a friends' blog...and I must say that I am enjoying looking through your posts ever so much!


Ad Tys said...

I like futuristic fashion!

elventryst said...

Thanks for reading-- it's so nice to have a little encouragement every now and again!

Teddi said...

i like your collages, & the photograph of you!