Friday, December 10, 2010


I seem to be transfixed by snowflakes.  They're so delicate-- just look at Wilson Alwyn Bentley's groundbreaking photography work to be inspired.  And while the real things are pretty magical, I also like snowflake crafts!  These two projects definitely caught my eye:


DIY Glittering Doily Garland via {Bits of Beauty}


The Art of Making a Paper Snowflake via Here's Looking at Me Kid

Both websites provide great tutorials for each project.

Of course, if you don't feel like getting out all of the art supplies, you can always make a virtual snowflake at Make-a-Flake.  (Ignore that message about needing Flash 6-- you probably already have it, so just click on the link where it says you already have the plugin.)  Making virtual snowflakes is a blast-- you should check it out!

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Marina /Silk and Co/ said...

:-)These snowflakes are beautiful, delicate, varied - as natural, but a little bigger and warm! : -)
Blizzard and a lot of natural snow we had yesterday in Moscow!
In Russia, we are also usually cut snowflakes, hang them in a room, and even children love to stick them on window glass from inside the apartment. It looks beautiful when you look at a window from the street.