Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Few of my Favorite Things

This is a really fun post for me to write.  Some of my favorite people in the world are appearing in commercials right now.  So, I thought I'd share them with you (and, I actually started my blog as a repository for all things I love, so this is as much for mw as it is for you).

First up is my friend, Laura-- or Larry, as I affectionately call her.  Laura was my roommate and BFF in NY.  She and I got into no end of trouble together and I miss her dearly (time and distance have worked their magic so that we don't talk so much anymore, but she still owns a piece of my heart)(She's the dark-haired beauty with blue eyes):

Next up is my other BFF, Corrie, who is currently in a McDonald's commercial (she's the workaholic in glasses).  Corrie is my saving grace, and if you read this blog with any frequency at all, you know her

AND, here's Corrie again, with another one of my favorite gals, Morgan.  Morgan and I went to college together, studied in Paris together, and shared wonderful times together in NY.  She's one of the best people I know.  Morgan is now a stylist in NY (she's super talented), and I'm happy to see things coming together for her.  I introduced her to my friend, Corrie, and now they're in a commercial together.  Also in the commercial are Morgan's boyfriend and sister.  Super cool!

Finally, here's my friend, Heather, in a Samsung commercial.  Heather and I studied together in college (Apparel Design 2002! and we studied in Paris together).  She's amazingly talented (she designs clothing, but can act, too).  You can also catch her in the first ever episode of Madmen.  Hey-hey, I miss you, my love! (She's the teacher here):

Isn't it fun to have such amazingly beautiful and talented friends?  Gals, I love you and miss you so much!  I would love to be in the same city, soaking up each other's light. 

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