Friday, March 20, 2009

Colombia Recap

I'm happy to report that I made it back from Colombia in one piece-- better than one piece, as a matter of fact!

I was picked up from the airport by the lovely Nana, who was the art director for the shoot, and also my tour guide for the four days I was there. She dropped me off at my
hotel, and then picked me up several hours later to have a fish dinner with her family. Colombian cuisine= yummy!

The photo shoot went very well. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to perform (modeling isn't as easy as it looks, folks-- at least not to me!), but for two long days I worked my butt off, and am glad to say that they were very pleased with me.

There was another model there too, a beautiful Colombian girl named Juliana. The team was comprised of Colombians-- the hair stylists, the makeup artists, the photographer, etc. Every night we would go out after shooting and see something of the nightlife or enjoy dinner. I got a fair dose of Colombian culture! The women there are beautiful, and the Latin culture was amazing. I loved how friendly everyone was, and how much they wanted to share their beautiful country with me.

One of the customs that I was introduced to was drinking Aguardiente, a local anise-flavored alcoholic beverage. It reminded me of a drink from Greece, Ouzo, but apparently is 26% alcohol. I went out my last night and stayed out until 3am drinking Aguardiente at a locals bar-- it was so much fun!

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christina said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time. It looks really beautiful, I'm going to have to move Colombia up on my list of places to go. Glad you made it back safe.