Friday, March 20, 2009

Of Vampires and Twilight

I am so excited for the midnight release of Twilight, the film version of the popular vampire novels by Stephanie Meyer, on DVD.

My discovery of these books have been very timely as I became engrossed in them last week, obsessively reading through all four books in about a week's time span, and now, without delay, the movie is being released-- just in time for me to drool over Edward Cullen and the other vampires.

A few years ago, I worked a lot with a photographer who shot romance novel covers. She'd book me to be the heroine and we'd work for about a half hour recreating the image for the cover of those books-- the best part is that I often got to work with a hunk. After the photo shoot, an artist would render a cover based on my picture. I probably only did about ten covers in total, but those were probably some of the most fun shoots I've ever done.

One of the book covers I did happened to be a vampire novel-- Be Still My Vampire Heart by Kerrelyn Sparks. It's a fun cover, and the really cool part is getting to see how I would look as a vampire. Pretty awesome, right?

Did you read Twilight? What did you think?

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TD-2243 said...

I remember back when you first posted the book cover. After that, I started spotting it all over. The library, the airport and bookstores. I probably would have never noticed it had you not pointed it out to me originally. I don't keep up with romance novels like one might think. Let me know how the movie is.