Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adam's Apple

A few months ago I reported how I accidentally tripped over my laptop cord while straightening up in anticipation of a new roommate during my sojourn in Miami, Florida. After a series of trips to the Apple store, I determined that my trusty laptop was unable to be fixed (it is a "vintage" mac-- being over five years old-- and the parts are hard to come by), and that I would have to buy a new one or do without.

So, I've pretty much done without. While I was in Miami, my roommate would lend me hers, and since being back in Delaware, I've been using my mother's Dell laptop. I looked at computers, but I kind of had my heart set on a Mac, and they were out of my price range.

Enter my friend, Adam. He works at a store in Manhattan that services Apple products. As it would so happen, they have laptops that they rent out to people while their own laptops are being serviced. After about fourteen months of use, these laptops are sold to make way for newer models. Adam got word that they were selling their stash of rental Macbooks-- a total of eight laptops that are only fourteen months old-- and he kindly called me. As you can imagine, the laptops flew off the shelves, and I was fortunate enough to claim the very last one as my own. The asking price? $500 plus tax. You can say that I got a steal!

I spent the day uploading photos and trying to figure out how this new guy works (it came preloaded with iLife and Microsoft Office, as well as a webcam and lots of fun programs). I feel like I'm starting over as well, since I've been using a PC since February-- it's amazing how quickly our brains forget.

Here's to a lot more posts now that I have my own computer!! Yippee!!!

Edit: I should add that without the help of my dear friends Matt and Corrie, and my sister, I wouldn't be using this laptop right. Matt and Corrie dropped it off for me while day tripping in Delaware from NYC and coordinated a rendezvous with my sister in order to drop it off. I have some of the best friends in the world!


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How exciting! Yippee!


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HAha,no, I am not leaving Strawberry Koi! It was just a bad April Fools joke :P

Lovely blog btw! ^_^