Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 22 in Istanbul-- Istanbul Collage

I've been a terrible blogger lately. I'm not really sure what to write about, and, what's more, the internet connection here is terribly slow, making it a headache to try and post anything.

The city of Istanbul is growing on me. It's true that we spend most days in a van, being shuttled to castings (sometimes for up to 12 hours), but it also affords a view of the city that most tourists never get to see. Istanbul is a hilly city and I am consistently amazed by the ability of our driver to negotiate the narrow streets in our van, and, more impressively, to drive the manual-shift car up steep hills without stalling.

I've created a collage of some of the things I am able to spy from the window of our van (actually some were taken on foot as well). Perhaps this weekend I'll be able to do a little more in-depth exploring.

Istanbul Collage
Starting at top left, clockwise: The Six Minarets on the Blue Mosque, Two Views of the Bosphorus Strait, the Bridge that connects Asia to Europe, an old Roman Aqueduct, the streets in Old Istanbul, a Gate that we pass every day, Turkish Lanterns in the Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, some Palace on the Bosphorus, the View of my Neighborhood, Tarabya

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green ink said...

I am quite in awe of your gorgeous photos! Turkey has always been on my list of must-sees - it looks stunning.

Thank you for your comment :D I so rarely find people my own age who are into H of E! I wonder what happened to all those beautiful costumes from the series..