Sunday, June 14, 2009

Falling in love with Tilt-shift Photography

View of the Bosphorus

Have you discovered Tilt-shift photography yet? I'm not really sure about the ins and outs of it, but true Tilt-shift photography uses a special lens that affects the depth of field. The truly amazing TiltShiftMaker will transform your photos so that they look like a set in miniature.

I discovered TiltShiftMaker about a month ago and immediately started playing around with my various photos. Since then, I have started seeing the world in "tilt-shift" i.e., I see scenes that I think would be candidates for the tilt-shift treatment. Such is true of the above photo, taken from the European side of Istanbul, Turkey overlooking the Bosphorus Strait.

TiltShiftMaker enhances the colors a bit as part of the process, but I also tweaked the above picture a bit more in Picnik (which is a wonderful free photo editing site). Here is the original:


By the way, I'm developing a love affair with the Bosphorus. It is so beautiful and I feel incredibly blessed to gaze upon its shimmering waters every day. I'd post a Bosphorus collage, but I have no patience for the s-l-o-w internet connection here.

Until next time,



Fashion Fille said...

hey girl! thanks for your comment. i make the "moving picture", it's called a gif, using you can just search gif photo creator or something and find lots of sites to help! i hope to see some moving images of you soon...


Ernesto Gaia said...

I´m writing from Brazil! ;-). Thank you very much for this Post! I´ve never heard about this technique until now! I´ll try and show the results in my blog too! Of course i ´ll point the source! you!

Ernesto Gaia said...

Here are some of my new Photo Experience! :-)

devonrose said...

OMG! that is so cool, I've never heard of that before! Thanks for sharing:)

Ernesto Gaia said...

Oh Elise, thanks for your comments in my blog too! You´re sweety about my newbie work with the Tilt-shift! ;-) in fact, the masks are amazing by themself (I think they are from venice) and they look better now with the blurs!!!

And yes, i tried to translate my Blog (hehe english is not my best language) because there are others tech-fans around the world and I´d like to touch them!

By the way, my personal email is This Comment-chat-way is a kind of weird :)

I will let you know about my future works with the Tilt-shift!

Peace and good job with your blog. You write very well! It´s exciting to read..even if you don´t know much about fashion!

Mia said...

Oh god this is awesome! <3 I've been trying to make my own tilt-shift for ages now but it never turned out good. I'm definately gonna try this out! Thank you so much for the tip <3


Thank you so much! ^^ It's a bit creepy picture, but hopefully also a little pretty in some ways ^^

Mia said...


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Ernesto Gaia said...

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