Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day. The first Father's Day was celebrated on July 5, 1908, and was created as a complement to Mother's Day.

Today I am thankful to have a father who loves me (and my siblings) very much. He worked for many years as the sole income earner so that my mom could stay at home and raise us kids. He has endeavored to teach his children right from wrong as well as God's truth. He is a faithful husband, a father who wants the best for his children, an upstanding member of the community, and a devoted and diligent member of his church. He loves the Lord, and loves his family. He continues to work hard, and to support me even now as I enter into my thirtieth year.

Thank you, Father, for all that you have done and everything you have sacrificed for your family. I am so thankful to have you.



Aya Smith said...

I wish your daddy a happy father's day as well! I hope it was a good one for your whole family :)

Btw... thank you so much for your kind words today, it melted my heart!

TD-2243 said...

That picture is so awesome. He's dressed so cool and he doesn't even know it.

elventryst said...

He is dressed cool-- I didn't even notice that. I guarantee that he's wearing a pocket protector as well.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

I arrived here via Green Ink. That is such a lovely post to your father! Dads always dress cool in those old pics. My father looks like something from the Beatles in his old photographs! You have a really lovely site and it's always nice to meet bookworms. I'll be back ! xx