Saturday, June 13, 2009

Looky What I Found!

Picture 86

Last week I booked two jobs in the city of Izmir, which is an hour flight south of Istanbul, and is referred to as the "Pearl of the Aegean." Hopefully I'll be able to share some photos and details of my trip later, but for now, I wanted to share what I found stuffed in a corner of the photo studio: three vintage issues of Photoplay Magazine.

What a nice surprise! The above issue, featuring the lovely Jeanne Crain, dates from October 1948. It was such a wonderful taste of home to see all of those familiar faces starring back at me (including one of my favorites, Montgomery Clift).

Picture 88

I really love these summer looks. If I were in Delaware right now (instead of Turkey) I'd be sewing up halters and high-waisted shorts/skirts a la Casey. I found this website the other day that sells vintage patterns (some are quite affordable!) with just the look I'm going for.

Picture 85

I haven't been able to sew lately, but I came up with a modern version of the look using pieces from my wardrobe. What do you think?

Picture 93
Shorts: Hudson Jeans Summer '08
Swimsuit: Lux by Urban Outfitters Summer '08
Sweater: Anne Taylor Spring '05
Wedge Heels: Ellen Tracy

One of the articles in one of the Photoplays was a reader poll where readers were asked to predict who would most likely become a star. The results are quite interesting (in hindsight). I've never heard of the first place winners (John Agar and Jean Peters) but there are some familiar names on the list: Ricardo Montalban, Montgomery Clift, Janet Leigh, June Lockhart, and America's sweetheart, Doris Day. Is there anyone else you recognize?

Picture 95
Picture 96
The actors voted most likely to become stars by readers of Photoplay magazine, 1948



jackal said...

Fascinating to look at that old poll and see the mix of names: familiar stars, guys I've never heard of (Tim Holt? Robert Arthur?), and then a fine actor like Richard Widmark, one of my all-time favourites, listed almost at the bottom!

Interesting, too, to see a name like Wanda Hendrix so high on the ladies' list - she was in a few big films of the time that I've watched recently (PRINCE OF FOXES with Ty Power, RIDE THE PINK HORSE with Robert Montgomery), and had a certain someting about her that really captured me, but it seems she pretty much disappeared after that, and quite sadly: a brief, traumatic marriage to Audie Murphy, her career petered out in the 50s, and she later died from pneumonia at only 52. Like so many of the others, she's long-forgotten now.

elventryst said...

I only know the most popular names on the list, although I'm sure I've seen some of these actors, but never paid much attention.

Thanks for the bio on Wanda Hendrix. It seems like so many of those stars had tragic lives.

I must look into Richard Widmark's films.

TD-2243 said...

Very many future Hitchcock stars on that list. Fascinating.