Monday, December 14, 2009

Featured Model!


I am happy to say that after a slow month for work in November (compounded by the Eid holiday at the end of the month), I'm busy again.  This past week alone found me shooting an ad for Lipton's Green Tea, a fashion show, a shoot for Harper's Bazaar, and a commercial for the Dubai Shopping Festival.  Not bad for a week's work, and I daresay I wish more weeks could be as successful!

I'll try to get some more of my work posted in the next few days.  This blog seems to have turned into a dumping ground for my modeling photos as of late, and hopefully I'll return to less shallow posting soon.  In the meanwhile, I'm happy to be able to share my work with my friends and family back home who seem to always be proud of me.

I'm also working on a new blog that might be of interest to a handful of you... I'll keep you posted!

Above is a screen shot of my agency's website.  I was quite pleased (and surprised!) to find that I am currently their featured model.  Let's hope that brings more jobs and that I'll stay busy until I leave in the beginning of January.

More to follow soon...


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Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations on being the featured model, Elise. The photos are, of course, quite beautiful. -LK