Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Humble Pie


 The incriminating photo: Backstage at the Aiisha Ramadan Show in Dubai Mall

This is sort of a funny exchange.

My roommate in Dubai for the month of October was a gal named Hana Nitsche. She was on a show in Germany called Germany's Next Top Model (which is a counterpart to America's Next Top Model), and as a result, she is apparently very famous in Germany. I didn't know this about her, but she did tell me that she has to be careful about what she does, as it will most certainly end up on the internet or in the newspapers.

I didn't pay much attention to any of this talk of celebrity. That is, until today.

My friend, Laura, a German model emailed me, and said (referring to the above picture), "Is this you? I found this online today."

I looked at the picture and confirmed that it was indeed me. Standing next to me was my roommate, Hana, and on the other side is my dear friend (also a German model), Alexandra. I asked Laura where she found my photo, and she directed me to what is apparently a Hana Nitsche fan site. This website has pages and pages of the whos and whats of Hana. Where it gets interesting (to me) is when my name comes up in the discussion.

Forum Poster: "Does anyone know the name of the woman next to Hana?... I think I have seen her before, but I'm not sure."

Other Forum Poster: "Maybe its Cole, Bareface's new model of the month"

Original Forum Poster: "There is a certain resemblance, but she looks so OLD... and Cole should be 6cm taller than Hana."

This is why I'm thankful I'm NOT famous.  What a blow to the ego it is to have random strangers commenting on how old I look in a photo.  It's sort of eye-opening to see how mean people can be-- and makes me rethink nasty/snarky comments that I have made about people I don't know.  I have another friend who was a singer/instrumentalist in a popular band.  When you googled her name all sorts of nasty comments would come up about her.  People who had never met her would tear apart the way she looked, as well as her intelligence, which was completely ridiculous as she is one of the loveliest people I know, both inside and out.

In related news, tonight I attended the screening of Avatar at the Dubai International Film Festival.  The actor, Gerard Butler, was there, and while I also think he is "swoon worthy" (mostly because I fell in love with the character he portrays in P.S. I Love You), I also have to question what it is about human nature that we idolize these people.  As my friend's mom said to me in regards to Gerard, whom she had never heard of, "I don't get it.  I see men that look like him every day on the Tube in London."  And she's right.  If you hadn't seen the movies that Gerard is in, you wouldn't give him the time of day.

That said, I should add that Hana is a lovely gal.  She was the best roommate I've ever had-- neat, courteous, thoughtful, etc.  She really was a treat to live with.

Oh, and for the comment that Cole "should be at 6cm taller than Hana"?  Hello!-- it's called heels.  Let's just say that some of us in the photo were wearing heels, while some of us weren't.  That's not that hard to figure out, is it?



Erin said...

yeah, well, Gerard has an accent. accent + hot = swoon worthy

TD-2243 said...

I would love to have a roommate like Hana as well. I'd never heard of her either if that makes you feel better.

Seriously though, the whole idol worship celebrity thing is pretty nuts to me. Americans are especially bad about this.

You don't look old. People are just stupidheads.

Erin said...

I think your story about being "OLD" is too funny! ;)

Aiisha Ramadan said...

Cole, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. You were not only professional, but you've captured us from the first time we met you (during the rehearsals next to the ice rink)

Above all, I'd kill for your looks! You should never allow nasty comments to get to you. Its just a point of view that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

P.S: Your photos were some of the best we ever had!

Thank you for making us proud!

elventryst said...

Aiisha, thank you so much for the nice comment. It was a pleasure working for you and I'm glad that I did justice to your clothes. It's actually rare to get such affirmation in this business-- thank you so much for your encouragement. I wish you the best and hope to work together again in the future.