Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Help Me Decide Which Eyeglasses To Buy

This begins by way of a cautionary tale:

I began wearing glasses in the fourth grade, and graduated to contacts in the ninth grade (my kind parents were gracious enough not to make me go through my high school years labeled as "four-eyes"). Contact lens technology was not that great in those days (they did not allow my eyes "to breathe"), and I wasn't good about following the eye doctor's instructions, either. Sometimes I would sleep in my contacts, not removing them from my eyes for a month at a time (which is a definite no-no), and I would always stretch the wearing of my two-week disposables way past their expiration date.

Nowadays, I do better in following instructions; however, the damage is done. According to my eye doctor, the blood vessels in my eyes had a hard time getting oxygen, so they grew, shooting off limbs toward the surface of my eyes. This hasn't caused problems so far, but my doctor warns me that unless the condition is reversed, one day my eyes will reject contact lenses completely and then I will be forever relegated to the realm of the four-eyes (without even lasik as an option!).

The solution? By adopting better practices in regard to my eyes, I can make a difference. We've changed my contact lenses to ones that allow my eyes to breathe better. AND, I'm trying to wear my glasses more, which will definitely help. That brings me to the subject of today's blog post:

Which eyeglass frames should I buy?
Yes, the pictures do little flatter to me, and the light in the store was terrible, but I was able to narrow down my choices to just two. One pair, the red, are funky and contemporary, while the other pair, the brown, are more bookish and "librarian."

Please leave a comment, or vote in the poll. Thanks!


supajenn said...

HAAAA... oh my gosh.. you and me both.. same problem!!!! My dear father made me get contacts at 12! haaaa!

My eyes are a lot worse... I even have a small cataract in one eye & I am so very sure I have way way worse vision than you do...
I am having the same issue tho... trying to find a new pair of frames! I actually just did a job in Philly for US vision so I got to try on tons of new ones that are coming out soon... really really nice ones for us! Check them out in JCPenny!

But my vote is #2!!!


Inspired Kara said...

I really really really love the second pair. In fact, I kind of want them! Where are you at? I'm guessing Sam's or Costco form the backgroud :)

emme said...

The first pair most definitely!


JV said...

the first pair!!!

Ernesto Gaia said...

Both?? Maybe you can start a new collection :-) "according my mood..I will use...this one."

Jessica said...

I'm fairly sure that those first frames are my glasses. And I too totally ruined my eyeballs with bad contact lens hygene! An eyedoctor told me that he old prescribes one day disposables for teenagers. We are not alone. ;)