Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween.  With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, we had quite a jam-packed weekend.  On Friday afternoon, the English language school where I work hosted a Halloween party for the international students.  For most of the students it was their first Halloween ever, so it was neat to watch the students carve pumpkins, dress in costumes, and stuff scarecrows for the first time in their lives.  On Friday evening, I went to another Halloween event for English-language students, and looked on as they carved pumpkins.  On Saturday, I went to a party hosted by the culture club at the University of Delaware, and once again, I was surrounded by people hailing from China, Colombia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, and Lithuania.  The dressing-in-costume was very novel for most of them, I think.

I decided to go dressed as a mime, which was a very easy costume for me, since I had everything I needed in my closet already.  I liked my costume (I felt very French!), unfortunately, most of the international students didn't know what I was.  I used it as an opportunity to teach them a new word: mime, which is both a noun and a verb.

I was completely Halloween-ed out by Sunday.  I had to get up early Sunday morning to perform in the orchestra for church, then had lunch with some missionaries, and then headed back to church at 6:00pm to see the end of the missions conference my church was holding.  I was too exhausted to do much of anything, so just decided to relax on Sunday night.

On Saturday night, one of my Saudi students asked me, "How many more days will Halloween go for?"  I thought that was funny, as Halloween is technically one day, but this year, it seems to have been spread from Thursday night until even today (Monday).  Tomorrow everyone's attention will be turned toward the elections, so I think that will effectively put the lid (or should I say "final nail in the coffin") on Halloween festivities this year.

What did you do for Halloween?



Deirdre Zahl said...

Love your costume, so creative!

emme said...

You look so cute, Elise! Love, love, love. :)