Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Blog Header

Those of you who visit my blog through an RSS reader such as Google Reader or Bloglines will have missed a change that I recently made to the appearance of my blog.  Visitors to the website may have missed it as well, as it is a subtle change.  Have you figured it out yet?  Yep, that's right-- I have a new header!  The header is the part at the top of the page which shows the name of my blog.  The new header isn't terribly different from the previous one; I've popped the colors a bit (giving them a bit of a glow), added new pink polka dots, and fixed one typo that was glaring right at me.

Can you believe it?  I had a misspelled word that has been in the header of my blog for the last nine months or so.  Nine months!  I am horrified.  It is amazing to me that I never caught it, and moreover, that no one ever pointed it out to me.  I shall not tell you what the mistake was, but instead, present you with my new and improved header.



Sometimes I regret both the choice of web address (http://www.elventryst.blogspot.com) and title of this blog.  The web address comes from my screen name that I have used since the days of AOL when I was sixteen. I was obsessed with elves back then!  

Dum Spiro Spero (pronounced Doom spée-roh spéh-roh) is a Latin phrase that means "While I Breathe, I Hope."  It is the state motto of my home state of South Carolina, and moreover, it is a reflection of my faith as a Christian.  I love that it comprises those two facets of my life.  My only regret is that neither the elventryst nor the Latin phrase are easily remembered, but at least I can hope that you will learn a new Latin phrase from this blog.

Finally, you may notice that in the folder's tab at the top of your browser that I have replaced the standard Blogger icon with a pretty pink butterfly.  It personalizes the blog and is actually pretty simple to do.  If you would like to change the icon on your blog, you can find all the information you need by clicking on this link.

I hope you have a lovely week.  Tomorrow I am heading up to picturesque New Hope, Pennsylvania to do a shoot for Redbook magazine.  Wish me luck!


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emme said...

Looks great, Elise!

I'm still voting! :)