Monday, November 10, 2008

Designing Woman

I've been busy sewing all day- I'm working on a jacket that's quite complicated. It has something like eighteen buttons, pleats, and the whole thing is piped. If that wasn't enough, I am drafting the pattern myself which means lots of mistakes and editing. I've completely remade the jacket several times, each time out of a trial fabric, and today I finally decided to go forward with the actual fabric: a buttery, gray wool.

It's a little known fact about me that before I moved to New York to pursue modeling, I was in school for fashion design. Not only did I graduate, but I finished at the top of my class. It's a skill that I don't use very much, but I do enjoy working on little projects when I am in Delaware at my parent's house.

I definitely plan to post pictures of my latest project, but in the meanwhile, I found these designs that I did while in college. You can get an idea of what my aesthetic is, as I tend to design what I'd want to wear.

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