Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obsessed with Clothes

I am a little obsessed with clothes. And shoes. You see, I studied fashion design in college where I ate, breathed, and slept clothes for five tedious years. After college, I put design behind and moved to the Big Apple to pursue another dream of mine, a dream which, at the end of the day, still has a lot to do with clothes: Model. So, when I'm not making my own designs, or wearing other people's designs, I'm just a normal gal who does a fair amount of thinking about clothes in her down time.

I really love vintage shopping and have been fortunate enough to find a few really cool stores. This pleated brown dress, which dates from the fifties, was found at an awesome vintage store in Brooklyn, New York and was priced rather reasonably. My mom and I altered it last night-- the waist was just a bit tight, so we let it out a bit. Whew... I can breathe again! I wore it to church today with a little black cardigan, black ribbed tights, and the cutest pair of mary janes from Zappos.
I keep writing about the jacket that I'm working on-- I designed it, made the pattern, and now am sewing the little booger together. It's definitely a labor of love. Yesterday, I decided to take a break from my sartorial endeavors and pulled out my markers and drew a picture of the jacket. Now, illustration was never my strong suit, but it doesn't keep me from still trying. What do you think? My brother-in-law described the jacket as something that would be worn if "Sgt Pepper started recruiting young girls." If you must know, the direct inspiration for my jacket comes from the film, Vanity Fair. Jonathan Rhys Meyers' character in the army and I modeled my jacket on his period uniform.

These are some designs I drew some nine(!) years ago when I was beginning fashion school. I keep digging these things out, and it makes for a nice walk down memory lane.


esigward said...

Nice clothes, real nice, warm colors nice patterns but your face looks a little messed up. Somebody sit on you?

elventryst said...

That's not very nice. I happen to like my face.