Saturday, November 22, 2008

My New Winter Jacket

Yesterday we had our first official snow, and today I noticed that the lake was freezing over. I think it's time for a new winter coat-- especially as it looks like I'll be in New York City in December, which means I'll be outside A LOT. I was inspired by Fog and Thistle's search for the perfect parka (she did the dirty work and compiled a group or worthy competitors), and coincidentally, ended up selecting the same jacket that she did-- a warm, white one from Eddie Bauer.

It was not that cheap but I found a great coupon code (20% off the order plus free shipping with code FRNDDEAL until November 24th) at the website If you're shopping online, I recommend you stop there first and see if there are any applicable codes-- I saved $40 this time.

My new jacket, arriving in 7-10 days

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