Sunday, November 30, 2008

Meet my niece and nephew

I'm totally ripping off my twin sister's blog, but I thought this was cute. She did these little bios and collages of her two dogs. Without further adieu, I present Cole and Lillie

Meet Lillie:
Tiger Lillie: the independent thinker
Breed: Papillon
Birthdate: 12/11/07
Weight: 8 lbs.
Likes: Balls, biting hair, ice, food, and pigs ears
Dislikes: Snuggling, getting in trouble, baths, and wind
Favorite Trick: Shake (AKA "paw")

Meet Cole:
Cole Bear: the little lover
Breed: Papillon
Birthdate: 12/11/07
Weight: 8 lbs.
Likes: Barking, soft fabric, Nylabones, cats, treats, and cuddling
Dislikes: Baths, yelling, the cold, and being alone
Special Ability: To make anyone love him


erin fazz said...

glad you liked my blog

Carla said...

Oh my word, too cute! You have adorable dogs. I have my very own little dog too (Charlie) and he also hates being alone but LOVES to cuddle. Charlie is half toy pomeranian and half mini pincher.

elventryst said...

Carla, you simply must post pictures of your dog-- we have a min pin and I ADORE the breed. I bet your Charlie is a cutie-pie. Thanks for checking out my blog by the way. I love yours-- it's always great to read your musings. I'm a Christian as well, and I love all the old movie stars-- Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant being my favorite. I think you just might be a kindred spirit.