Sunday, November 9, 2008

McCain's Concession Speech

I stayed up late last Tuesday night and watched as the election map filled in with reds, yellows, and blues. So, I was still glued to my television set (actually, I had grown rather bored of the pundits and had popped in a movie on my laptop) when the official announcement of Obama's win came through. It was this, though, that opened my bleary, tired eyes, and for a moment filled me with hope. What am I talking about? The concession speech of John McCain which was filled with dignity and grace. It was like watching a totally different man than the one I had seen during the debates, and this time, I was proud of him. If you have a moment, I recommend watching it, as I do think it should go down in history as a great and memorable speech and, one that graciously ushers in the new President-elect, Barack Obama.


Debbie said...

His speech was phenomenal. Some people say that if he'd campaigned with the same grace that he conceded the election, he may have stood a better chance of winning. Regardless, he had the down economy against him, which is a shame, because IMHO, he is one of the better Republicans that ran for President.

elventryst said...

I totally agree-- I saw a different man that night. It's a shame he wasn't more like that during his campaign. It seems to me that it's a big popularity contest with the best looking and most charismatic taking the victory rather than being based on actual issues (and according to some, there's not a lot of difference between where each candidate stood on key issues).