Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All by Myself

I do believe that I am turning into a hermit. It's funny to think that on most days, the only whiff I get of the outside world is when I open the back door to let the dogs out. Sometimes I make it a little farther outside-- usually out to the front and up to a neighbor's house-- but that only happens when one of the dogs (or more often, both) decide that I need some exercise and takes off out of the yard.

It's starting to show a bit-- I feel as if I'm thickening up for the winter. Perhaps I'll go into hibernation come December:) I keep telling myself that I'll put our treadmill to good use, or maybe lift a weight or two (all squirreled away in the basement) but so far inspiration (or rather, motivation) seems to be lacking.

I wonder if being solo develops character. It's amazing the amount of time I spend all by myself. Today I holed up in the basement with the sewing machine. I spent time laying out my fabric, cutting, ironing, and stitching pieces together. It's deathly quiet down there, aside from the humming of my machine, and I sing bits and pieces of hymns to myself as I pass the time.

The jacket is progressing nicely. I still have tons to do, and I seem to be determined to make it a piece of art. I take the long way every chance I get, and my only hope is that this will show in the quality of the workmanship. God is in the details, as van der Rohe says. It's a very painstaking process though, and I just pray that I have the patience to carry it through.

In other news, I've found another way to pass my time: a television series that I am sure to become addicted to. It is a British series called The House of Eliott. It ran from 1991-93 and I netflixed it the other day. It's about two sisters who are left poor after their father suddenly dies. The plucky sisters get together and start a fashion house, making their own designs. You can see the immediate appeal of the show to me, but additionally, it is set in the roaring 1920s, which happens to be one of my favorite decades. Although the series looks dated (the film quality, etc.), I'm already hooked and cannot wait for the next disk to come so I can follow it along.

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